Exterra Interception and Baiting System

The Exterra Baiting System is an alternative solution to a chemical termite barrier

Brisbane Termite Protection offer a range of systems, but when a home is built into a hill or is a split level home, then it becomes difficult to provide protection using a chemical barrier or chemical treated zone. When construction creates limitations on protecting a home, we move straight into offering the customer the best approach in protection against termites for this type of structure where we install the Exterra Interception & Baiting system.Exterra-Installation-Baiting-System

Exterra is designed to pick up foraging Termites travelling beneath the ground. Once termites have been located, a bait is applied to eradicate the colony.

Exterra is world known and provides the ultimate protection against termites when construction makes things difficult.

Termite bait stations are placed every 3 metres, Find out more here РExterra 


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