Physical Termite Barrier

New homes built on a concrete slab pose a threat from termites. Building a new house requires the home to be protected and comply to Australian standards AS3660.1-2014. One common practise is protecting the home using a physical termite barrier that complies with the standard. An infill slab as pictured below shows how the slab is poured into the brick work, hence an infill slab. The physical termite barrier is installed to the perimeter to prevent concealed termite entry, forcing the termites outside to be seen. The slab its self must also be poured to comply with Australian standards to prevent termites travelling through the slab or a crack in the slab that may form later after the home is finished . Termites never stop so annual termite inspections or even 6 monthly inspections are an essential part of any termite management program. Call 1300 552 234 for advice.

Physical Termite Barrier  Physical Termite Barrier 2

Physical Termite Barrier 3

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