Protecting your home from Termite Attack

Termite management programs/systems/products – “How Many are there” There are a massive amount of quality products on the market with different modes of action that lead to protecting/managing a home from termite ingress. Many home owners may feel a little overwhelmed by the options available and the process maybe just from obtaining too many proposals from too many pest control companies.

For this article we are referring to existing homes, Australian Standards, AS3660.2-2000. It is not just about the product on offer, it is about the method of construction used by the builder and the engineer when the home was built. Once the construction method is clearly understood options on termite management systems and their limitations can be provided. The decision making process becomes clearer for the home owners when they are fully informed on which system is the best for long term protection against a termite attack.

Few ideas here, that may even be confusing – If the home is an existing property you may have more than one option 1. Chemical barrier/ treated zone option or 2. An interception baiting system, but before we go too far …… Is your existing home built into a hill or partially under ground or split level ? If yes, revert to 2. An interception and baiting system option that is most likely to be the best plan of attack as chemical applications may be limited in protecting the home, unless major construction works are carried out.

If the home is on a concrete slab then options maybe available to provide a Chemical treated zone / chemical barrier or An interception and baiting system. Don’t risk it, get an expert in. A site visit will always determine the best options available.

Your choice of product – the products available to pest management technicians are endless, this adds to home owner confusion when selecting a product. The ideal solution in product selection should be a joint decision that is guided by the professional installer that the home owner trusts. Note: The most effective solution in choosing a product is placing trust in your pest technician as they should have the appropriate experience in products and construction allowing them to select the correct product that is best suited to your specific home.

Furthermore, the home owner should ensure they gain detailed information behind the technicians decision and if limitations apply, lets face it you are paying to for an expert opinion.

The most important decision in the process is trusting your Pest Management company and the licensed installer. Trusting they install the system in accordance with AS3660.2-2000 and product labels, whilst delivering the limitations if any on the installation/treatment.

Remembering, Visual Termite Inspections and termite eradication of live termites is an essential process that should never be removed or forgotten, prior, during or after any termite management program.

Regardless of any of the above termite management systems mentioned, the home owner obligation does not change, where Termite inspections and treatment of live termites found on the property are considered essential, failure to put in place such measures is likely to void any warranty, if any provided.

Limitations on this article, The above mentioned systems may not be suited for all properties, please ensure you engage a licensed professional to assist you in managing your home.

The above information is a guide only, it is impossible to make an informed decision on the best method of termite management, till such time the property is visually assessed and inspected.

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