Termidor Termite Control is number 1

Termidor HE BrisbaneAs Termidor Termite Control keeps providing the ultimate solution for property owners wanting a Termite Chemical Barrier / Treated Zone to protect one of their most valuable assets, Brisbane Termite Protection continue to offer Termidor as the number one product day after day.

Whilst changes in products evolve and new innovating ideas come along, we have to acknowledge Termidor success as a long standing  Termiticide that keeps protecting property, saving Brisbane homeowners millions since Termidor SC originated in 2002.

Termidor HE has now risen to the top of the ladder with new and exciting benefits that are making Termidor HE the number 1 product without a doubt. Find out more about Termidor HE and the benefits it brings homeowners and the Pest Control industry accredited Termidor HE applictors.

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