Term Seal Termite Barrier

Termseal Termite Barrier  – Australia’s best and most effective Termite barrier and management systems. Australian owned, developed and manufactured.

Term-Seal Termite barrier hits 20 years on the market and Brisbane Termite Protection has been involved for the past 18 years with no failures. Rest assured using a quality product with adequate installations makes all the difference.

Termseal range of products can assist a wide range of construction methods. Builders are often dealing with new architectural designs that in some cases are not the normal situation and that is when Termseal takes advantage over many other products.

  • Perimeter installations on infill slabs and monolithic slab constructions.
  • Backfilled walls protected by Termseal Termite barrier.
  • Kitchen, Bathroom renovations when moving new pipes around the slab areas it is necessary to install a termite barrier.
  • Pipe penetrations and Cold Joints in slabs
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