Termite Barrier

unnamed (7)Providing protection for us at Brisbane Termite Protection will always be a case to case scenario.

A clear indication of what system should be used and how to apply it is always done by first having a Termite Inspection completed, then we provide a Termite Management Program to provide the very best solution in termite protection. What no-one ever knows is if a termite nest is buried under the grounds of your property or a neighbouring property! so protecting a property is essential. Providing protection to any property requires experience and skill, backed by a licensed company like Brisbane Termite Protection that’s insured and can offer in some cases a $100,000.00 Timber Replacement Warranty. Sometimes a Termite Management Program may involve multiple systems to protect a property.

All systems require annual Termite inspections and some more at risk houses requiring 3 or 6 month inspections. Rest assure we have treated and protected thousands of properties over the past 17 years in business. Termite treatment – Treating termites with an approved chemical requires patience and skill. The most important step is not to disturb the termites, this helps in the treatment process. Active termites must be present to allow a treatment of “active” termites possible.

Termite Management System to protect against termites  – What’s involved!termites and ants

We can protect properties from Termites, It will just depend on what product or solution is best suited for your home. Call us now on 1300 55 22 34 or contact us

Termite Barriers in Brisbane  (Treated Zones) to protect against a termite attack.

Termite chemical barriers are installed around the entire perimeter of a property, normally around a property constructed on the top of a concrete slab. The protection period of a chemical termite barrier is determined by the product chosen, examples are – Termidor, Altriset, Premise.

When installing a Termite Barrier you need the gear along with the experience and license to install a chemical Termite barrier in Brisbane Qld.  Branding


Life expectancy of the chemicals on the market are different and may affect the buying decision


  • Termidor *8 Years life expectancy
  • Altriset *8 years life expectancy
  • Premise *5 years life expectancy


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