Termite Inspection

The most important part of any Termite Management program starts with a Visual Termite Inspection, so if you are looking for a good night sleep and just want to be sure you don’t have termites or you have termites and you want them gone or you are looking at long term protection, contact us now 1300552234.thermal

The starting point is selecting a trusted company, a licensed Termite Inspection company like Brisbane Termite Protection to ensure you get what you pay for.

Did you know all Inspectors at Brisbane Termite Protection have over 8 years experience, are industry trained externally by industry experts and internally to be sure all our technicians stay focused on our company culture and keep in line with our process to ensure all involved are creating a competitive advantage in the market.


Tools of the trade – Australian standards As3660.2 have a list of recommended tools and one is the moisture meter that helps detect for moisture areas within the property, it helps with finding leaks and may even find live termites from a high moisture reading. Remembering it is a tool we use, not a guarantee it will locate termites.Inspection

Termites need food and moisture to survive, termite are extremely motivated to get moisture so leaking taps, leaking showers, air conditioning units that release water against the house, inadequate drainage all increase the likelihood of termite ingress.

The termite inspection isn’t just about termite activity, termites are a risk, so providing the home owner with information on ways to help reduce the risk is also a process during the inspection that is extremely important and reported on. Things like – High soil and gardens against homes, covered weep holes, drainage, subfloor ventilation, high moisture, tree stumps in grounds, old untreated landscaping and retaining walls in the ground at the property, timbers in ground contact just to name a few all increase the risk of an attack.

We provide photos in our reports.

Thermal Cameras, just like the moisture meter the thermal camera is a tool used to assist us in locating moisture and at times termites, it is not a guarantee. thermal camera






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