Termites eat just like humans, they just don’t take much of a break

Termites are never going to stop and the surrounding Brisbane Suburbs are at extreme risk.

The termites we know of that are eating houses daily is excessive, so the reality of the unknown termites on the attack is highly likely astronomical.

Termites never sit still. As much as real estate agents loves to mention, “Termites are always found in landscaping timbers, fences, stumps surrounding the home, it’s OK. Well, NO it isn’t.

Termites will work their way towards these food sources surrounding the home, then send out more troopers to seek more food, most likely the next attack is will be the home that has termites in the yard, fence.

The old wives tale, “just leave them, they are happy eating the fence” SORRY wrong again, as mentioned above they are similar to humans, one feed at Maccas is not enough for humans, we seek further meals from Coles and Woolworth’s as well as keeping an eye out for a new restaurant opening.


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