Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting Brisbane

Brisbane Termite Protection are now installing Trelona Advanced Termite Bait System to Residential and Commercial property’s.

Taking into consideration all things Termites, the construction of a property is how we decide whether a Termite Baiting system is the best option.

Trelona has started to take advantage in the market as a leader in Termite Baiting as Trelona system has a fully loaded station, where by the stations are ready to go straight from the install loaded with 2x cartridges of bait.

Making the right decision on what type of Termite System to install requires an expert

Trelona does really assist homeowners when making a decision on what type of Baiting system they should install. Not every homeowner wants the worry that goes with termites, some simply just want a solution, the price up front and be done with it, normally taking the option of a Full monitored System by the accredited installer.

Others want more involvement where they may even insist to Self Monitor the Trelona System, this is where the owner takes over the inspections of the stations agreed with the accredited installer to call and advise when live termites are located. The benefits with Trelonas Self monitored system over over and above other traditional monitoring & Baiting systems, there is less risk. Trelona has the fully loaded bait, where other systems run with the traditional method of timbers within the stations to attract the termites, from here bait is applied.

Whether the Trelona system works for you as a Full monitored system or Self monitored, gaining the expert advice is critical for long term protection.

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